The Exotic and the Mundane

My wife wrote a book! The Exotic and the Mundane is a travel memoir of the first half(ish) of our 14 month trip through Central America, Africa, Europe, and a road trip in the US. She worked very hard on this book and pushed through many barriers to get it done. I am very proud... Continue Reading →

National Archive On Flickr

Looking through the U.S. National Archives Photographs on Flickr is kind of like looking through a box of photos found in our nation's attic. Tiny little glimpses into our past that tell a story of where we came from as Americans. Also a good source of photos for creative projects as almost all of them... Continue Reading →

"Somewhere in the archives of the crudest instinct is recorded the truth that it is better to be endangered and free, than captive and comfortable." 

This week go someplace that is completely safe but at the same time very uncomfortable for you.

Favorite Country Of Our Trip?

What was your favorite country? That is the  most common question we now get after our ten months of travel visiting over twenty countries. This is not an easy question to answer. After all we spent a fair bit of time in amazing countries like Italy, France, and Ireland. But the one that tops the list... Continue Reading →

Sheep On The Road In South Africa

Driving in South Africa was one of the more interesting experiences of my year of travel. The land is as diverse as the people that live there. My wife and I spent about two weeks driving from Richard’s Bay to Cape Town. We drove on everything from super modern highways to back road full of... Continue Reading →

Friendly Marrakech

A few days ago we flew from Tours France to Marrakech Morocco, landing in the 19th country of our trip. The Ryanair flight was a preview of what to expect in Morocco as it was crowded, chaotic, loud, and full of interesting smells. Which about sums up Marrakech. The city is maze after maze of... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving In France

  Happy Thanksgiving! This is a holiday that is uniquely American so here in Blois France it is just another Thursday in late November. Joyce and I thought about attempting to create a meal as close to a traditional Thanksgiving diner as a French grocery store would allow but then decided instead we should take... Continue Reading →

On The Road Again

I've taken a break from packing in order to write a quick update on our trip. Tomorrow morning we hop on a bus that will take us to Edinburgh Scotland to once again put us on the road for spell. We'll spend about two weeks in Scotland getting about as far north as possible which... Continue Reading →

Feeling At Home In London

Spending an extended amount of time in London has been nice for many reasons. There are basic reasons like being able to fully unpack and settle into our place, staying caught up on our laundry, and having a fully kitchen to cook in. But it is also nice to be able to visit a city... Continue Reading →

Eating Kangaroo In Ireland

  A few days ago we stopped in Dingle Ireland for a food festival and discovered an Aussie selling grilled kangaroo meat. Never thought I would be able to say I ate kangaroo in Ireland but I did. It was good. Juicy and full of flavor the way red meat should be. Now we are... Continue Reading →

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