The Somalia Photo Preservation Project


In 1992-1993 while I was serving in the US Army I was deployed to Somalia as part of Operation Restore Hope. During my time there I used a Kodak 110 camera as well as disposable 35mm cameras to take random pictures from time to time. All these years the prints of those photos have been stashed away in a box. In an attempt to preserve them I am going to be scanning them and then uploading them to my Posterous account which automatically sends the photo to about 10 different services I use around the web. A fast and easy way to save multiple copies.

It also automatically shares them with folks like you.

This first photo is a group of kids gathered around an old Russian troop transport. Somalia was a country that both the USSR and the USA used strategically during the Cold War so there are a lot of war toys laying around for kids to play with.

Hope you enjoy

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