First Visit To The Big Apple


Soon we will be on our way to New York, New York for a few days of vacation. And even though I lived in New York state for 2 years this will be my first time in NYC. I am really looking forward to the experience.

All I know about New York is what television and movies taught me. And growing up in the 70’s it taught me New York was not a place I would want to visit. TV sitcoms like “Welcome Back Kotter” and “Barney Miller” as well as movies like “Taxi Driver” painted a pretty grim picture of the city.

It is supposedly much different now though. For one I hear the subways are clean now, not like the picture in this post from 1973 that I found in the National Archive.

The writer and artist in me is most curious about NYC. You always hear about the energy of the city and I want to hopefully tap into that, if only briefly.

We are going without a set plan or schedule and we will be staying with people we met via We want to go more as travelers and less as tourists. Learning to travel is something we want to do more of and this trip is another attempt at this. Also I want to learn to be a better travel blogger and I hope to update while on the road but also learn to take better notes for follow up blogging about the experience.

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