President Bush Tours Our Camp In Somalia


I grew up watching MASH on late night tv. I thought it was a sitcom until I joined the Army and learned that MASH was so funny because it was so true. It is not a sitcom, it is reality television.

There is an episode where the characters are frustrated by having to paint rocks and pretty up the camp that is in the middle of a war zone and often being shelled by the enemy.

This really happens.

Whenever some so called VIP visits soldiers spend hours making everything pretty so said VIP can spend all of 5 minutes in the area before moving on to the next location. I thought this was bad when a General was visiting but when the President of the United States is visiting things get a little surreal.

This is a photo of President Bush looking at a mission mock up that we had to spend days to create. He is surrounded by officers and press as well as his security detail. This was January 1, 1993.

We spent hours and hours preparing for his visit and it lasted all of 6 minutes.

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