Surreal Somalia


There is a common thing you’ll hear from our modern day military men and women, “It was like something out of a movie.”

This photo for me “is like something on CNN.” Except I was the one with camera taking the picture. Much of the deployment was surreal. Even to this day.

My unit never worked directly with UN troops. The most I did was try and trade them for their rations. Other countries put more effort and quality into their rations. Whenever we got near troops from other nations we did what we could to get our hands on their food because ours was so bad.

The Moroccans where by far the best. They traveled with full kitchens and made things like fresh bread and stew from livestock acquired from locals. We worked with them a far bit and it was always fun even though we did not speak the same language. I really hope I get to visit Morocco one day.

It is also surreal to be blogging about history that is currently repeating itself. Famine has hit the horn of Africa again due to drought and aid is having trouble reaching the people that need it because the nation of Somalia is so unstable. Here is CNN’s latest coverage: This time I suspect the United States will not be sending military aid.


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