Colorado National Monument


Joyce and I are currently exploring the Southwest corner of Colorado. Though we’ve both lived in Colorado over 10 years we’ve not really spent much time in this part of the state.

Colorado National Monument was our first major stop. We spent one night in the campground there which had amazing views right from out tent. We are used to the temperature dropping greatly at night to offer some relief from a day of hot weather but this does not happen in this part of the state.

The next day we hiked down in the canyon and Joyce describes it as the hottest hike of her life. Hard to argue as I am sure it was over 100 degrees and there was no shade to offer a break from the sun. But it was a good hike in an ecosystem that is pretty new to me.

This photo of the hike out. I hope to post more once we get back. Always hard to update from the road but right now it is raining hard in Telluride and we are recharging our devices in a coffee shop as we wait for the sun to return.

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