Sayulita Mexico Churro Makers


Ever had a churro? Some folks think of them as Spanish doughnuts because they are similar in the fact that they are fried dough covered in sugar and cinnamon. But they are not shaped like a doughnut.

Here in the states I’ve found most churros to be straight and long. But in Mexico we came across them being made on the street out of the back of a pick-up and they came out kind of in swirls.

Also here in the states we tend to think of doughnut type foods to be for breakfast. That is not the case in Mexico. Doughnuts are for anytime of day and can be had anywhere. Many times while relaxing on the beach vendors would come by with trays of freshly baked doughnuts. The random food vendors where the highlight of our recent Mexico trip.

This video is of the churro makers in action in Sayulita Mexico:

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