Love Wins. Love Always Wins.

morrie schwartz quote

Bombs go off at the finish line of a marathon.

A gunman opens fire into a crowded movie theater.

An earthquake levels a whole city.

Coronary arteries become blocked and a heart does not get the blood it needs to work properly.

A cell mutates and multiplies again and again.

We live our lives on a very narrow path of possibility and there are a billion and one ways to be knocked off that path at any given moment.

You are not in control of how you’ll die but you are in control of how you live.

It is times like this when tragedy strikes, and life’s frailness is made obvious, that we must pause and take time to reflect to inventory our life. We must give focused and intentional though to the people in it, the direction it is going, and what we want out of it.

Do not simply react out of fear but rather take careful actions to get the most from this amazing gift we call life.

And love people. All people.


PS The subject line and the quote in this email both come from the book Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.

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