Greetings From Cape Town South Africa


I am writing this quick update in a Kurdish cafe in downtown Cape Town. We have been in the area for about a week now and for it is so different from anywhere else in Africa that I have been.

South Africa in general has been good to experience. Like so many places there is what you hear and read before you arrive and then there is the reality of being there. Did you see that Will Smith movie a few years ago I Am Legend? In the movie the main character can be out on the streets all he wants during the day but he must be very carefull to get back home before the sun sets. And when it gets dark he must lock up where he lives tighter than Fort Knox because night time is when the hordes of vampires come out.

South Africa is like that minus the vampires. While the sun is out we able to roam and go just about anywhere and we feel safe and secure. But the rule of thumb is to be home before dark and here the homes have walls with electric fences on the top with bars on the windows. Driving at night is also not recommended due to car jacking and smash and grabs. The one time I we did drive at night I was more worried about the road conditions than theives. But we were in a pretty rural area at the time.

So to answer the common question, yes we have felt safe but have had to taken certain procautions to do so.

The people of South Africa have been amazing though. Hospitatility just seems to be in their DNA. Right now we are staying in an apartment in District 6 thanks to someone we met at a guest farm a few weeks ago. After talking to her for just a little bit she offered to check with her husband to see if we could stay at their home in Cape Town. After a few emails and conversations they agreed to put us up for 5 nights. It has been a great experience that will deserve its own blog post one day.

If you are following along you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting a lot less. That is because we have been moving a lot faster than we did in Mexico, Belize, and Guatamela. And I’ve been thinking a lot about not sacrificing the experience in order to document the experience. I am still taking notes and photos though but I am still working on the best way to publish and share.

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