Having Your Car Guarded In South Africa


The country of South Africa is infamous for crimes relating to vehicles. For many years it was known as the car jacking capitol of the world. And also well known for the “smash and grab” where a theif breaks a window and grabs whatever is on the seat… while you are in traffic.

So run of the mill break-ins must happen even more. Which is maybe now why so many places you go in SA there are car guards, guys who stand around in parking lots with safety vests and guard the cars.

They also help you find a spot in a busy lot or back out into traffic when needed. All for a donation of course. We learned that the typical donation is 2 or 3 rand which equates to about $0.25 US.

And some parking areas even have guys who will wash your car for you while you shop. While waiting for a bus I watched a guy clean a whole mid-sized pickup with a few rags and one bucket of water.

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