The Sun Sets On Africa


We are nearing the end of the Africa chapter in our travels. Soon we will head to Mombasa Kenya to begin our journey to Riga Latvia. The three months on the continent flew by as time seems to do.


South Africa is the place I will miss the most, especially Cape Town and the surrounding area. There you could find all the comforts of modern life right next door to the wildness that Africa still offers.


Zimbabwe surprised me the most. The people there were warm and friendly despite the current economic and political climate they find themselves living in. And it was an experience of a lifetime to be soaked in the mist of Victoria Falls.


The glimpse I got of Botswana was like walking into the centerfold of an issue of National Geographic. Massive amounts of wildlife as far as the eye could see. I hope to be able to return one day and explore that amazing land even more.


And spending a month on the Kenyan coast allowed me to engage an African community if only slightly. I was able to hand out shoes at a primary school with the hope of keeping kids healthy, I broke bread with a Kenyan family on their farm and learned a bit more about daily life, and of course there was the wildlife. Seeing curious little jackal puppies play outside their den in the Lamu Sanctuarary was probably the highlight.


Africa is a large continent full of diverse wildlife and diverse culture. My plan is not to wait another twenty years before returning.

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