Europe Is Like Disney World


We arrived in Latvia a few days ago and then spent some time out in the rural area with some friends on their farm. And then yesterday we came into Riga which is the capitol to spend some time with other friends who live in the Old Town area of Riga. And walking around Riga feels a lot like walking around Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Which is really a testement to how well Disney has done in simulating other parts f the world. But it also feels a bit odd to be in the beautiful old city that is rich in history and feel like I am in an American theme park.

So far we have not done too much exploring other than just the walk around in order to survey the area to try and learn what there is to see and do while we are here. Though as I write this I am drinking my second espresso beverage of Riga so you can see my priorities.

Riga is a town that loves black cats which is something I hope to learn more about. And it is also a town and country that has been occupied by various other nations over the centuries. Because of that the occupation museum is high on the list.

For now I just wanted to send out an update to let you know that we made it safely out of Africa and back to the comforts of the Western world.

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