Eating Kangaroo In Ireland


dingle ireland kangaroo

A few days ago we stopped in Dingle Ireland for a food festival and discovered an Aussie selling grilled kangaroo meat. Never thought I would be able to say I ate kangaroo in Ireland but I did. It was good. Juicy and full of flavor the way red meat should be.

Now we are in London, we arrived last night after taking the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead Wales. Then it was a series of trains, both above and below ground, to get to our host’s home in London where we received a warm welcome.

For me London is almost more of a fictional place than a real place. The way New York City is because so many movies and television take place in these great cities. I am really looking forward to spending the month here. Many of the writers, musicians, and artists I enjoy come from London which just adds to my enchantment with the city.

Also for the month that we are here we will be staying in one place which will give us a chance to catch our breath a bit and plan the second half of our trip. (Also catch up on our laundry!) Right now we do not have anything beyond London booked but will most likely nip into Scotland before heading south to Spain or Italy.

Ireland was amazing though and we may just go back for more. We went for a travel blogger’s conference with the hope of finding some direction for our travel writing. If we are smart we can use our blogs to earn money so that we can continue the trip beyond a year. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what direction I want to take my travel writing that will require a new website so that I can keep this one going to keep friends and family updated. I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Eating Kangaroo In Ireland

  1. We were in London & Scotland this past December and loved it. If you have any chance to go to Scotland – do it! Especially the highlands, but Edinburgh or Sterling is great too. If possible, go over Hogmanay (New Years Eve), it is crazy.


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