Feeling At Home In London


Spending an extended amount of time in London has been nice for many reasons. There are basic reasons like being able to fully unpack and settle into our place, staying caught up on our laundry, and having a fully kitchen to cook in.

But it is also nice to be able to visit a city and not feel rushed or worried about missing something. The other day we took a little city cruise on the Thames and the boat captain mentioned an exhibit that is at the Tate Modern. It is a very famous piece within the art world that I did not know was at the Tate. At other places on our travels I would hear things like that and be a bit sad because we would not have the time to see them. But here in London we have the time to learn about the city as well as visit what we want.

We’ve done a pretty good job so far, we’ve seen:

The British Museum, London Tower, Tower Bridge, London Zoo, Shakespear’s Globe Theater, The Maritime Museum, The Monument to the Great London Fire of 1666, take a canal and river cruise, HMS Belfast, Dickens Museum, Westminster Abbey, British Music Experience, Chislehurst Caves, Churchill War Rooms, Pollock’s Toy Museum, National Portrait Gallery, as well as spending a lot of time just walking around the city and taking it all in.

For Americans London is a familiar place to be because in many respects this is the city that berthed our nation. The picture of at the top of the post shows the wharf where the Mayflower launched from and many of our founding fathers spent time in London, most notably Ben Franklin. And the apple did not fall too far from the tree because even now in 2013 the American culture and the British culture are very similar even if neither would want to admit it.

And though we speak the same language it is true that, like most things, we Americans have improved it and are more efficient with it.

All of this makes being in London very relaxing. In some ways it doesn’t even feel like we are traveling because everything is so familiar.

One thought on “Feeling At Home In London

  1. Daryle- If either house of Parliament is in session, go watch. The stumping in the House of Lords is a hoot. We were there at 10pm one evening and there were plenty of Lords a “verbally” leaping.


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