Thanksgiving In France



Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a holiday that is uniquely American so here in Blois France it is just another Thursday in late November. Joyce and I thought about attempting to create a meal as close to a traditional Thanksgiving diner as a French grocery store would allow but then decided instead we should take the oppurtunity to treat ourselves to a nice meal out at a French restaurant. But it will still be a day to reflect on what we are thankful for.


On our adventure the most obvious thing to be thankful for is the kindness of friends and strangers alike. Because over the past 242 days as we have navigated our way in and out of 18 countries we find ourselves often counting on the help of others. We have received rides from point A to B, meals on our plates, and roofs over our heads, time and time again. Some from friends we have known for many years but many from people we just met.

It has been very humbling and down right life changing.


I am also thankful for you dear reader. Many of you are friends and family who are the people we are missing very much as we head into the holidays. I hope these words find you well and I hope one day soon we can share a table in order to break bread together. But until that day you can always reach me at

Take care,


PS The photos in this post are from around Blois France.




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