Friendly Marrakech


A few days ago we flew from Tours France to Marrakech Morocco, landing in the 19th country of our trip. The Ryanair flight was a preview of what to expect in Morocco as it was crowded, chaotic, loud, and full of interesting smells. Which about sums up Marrakech.


The city is maze after maze of narrow streets full of people. The chaos is increased with the addition of bicycles, mopeds, donkey carts, and cars on any passage they can fit through. It is all a bit overwhelming, to say the least.


And for the traveler there are things to watch out for besides speeding scooters in Marrakech. There are plenty of “friends” seeking to “help” you or offer you “gifts.” (Please use your imagination for Dr. Evil air quotes here.)

In a land where everyone is your friend, no one is your friend.


Stopping even briefly to look around and decide where to go instantly draws attention and suddenly someone will appear to offer assistance. They will appear friendly and just there to give a bit of kindness but there is always, always, an ulterior motive. (always!) It is exhausting and really takes away from the experience of the place.


It has been nice to walk around and see first-hand many things I have only seen on tv or in photos. But no photograph or video could ever truly capture what it is like to walk the streets of Marrakech.






One thought on “Friendly Marrakech

  1. We almost made it to Morocco a few months ago but life got in the way. Nice to know how “helpful” they can be, but not a surprise. I can’t fault them for being enterprising!


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