The Infamous Cat House In Riga Latvia


In the old town of Riga there is a beautiful building found at 10 Meistaru iela. It is pretty easy to find because there are usually tourist around it with their cameras pointed toward the sky.

This house is the Kaku nams or the Cat House. It was built in 1909 and on the top your will find angry cat statues perched on the rooftop. Why? Well there are a few stories.

One story says that the cat’s tail is facing Riga’s Town Hall as a form of permanent protest. The tail also involves permanent protest but the cat is pointed toward the Great Guild. When we were in town we heard that it was the town hall the builder was snubbing.

Maybe the guy just liked cats?

No matter why those cats are up there it is pretty cool. And of course you can get all sorts of black cat souvenirs around Riga.

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