Favorite Country Of Our Trip?

What was your favorite country?

That is the  most common question we now get after our ten months of travel visiting over twenty countries.

This is not an easy question to answer. After all we spent a fair bit of time in amazing countries like Italy, France, and Ireland. But the one that tops the list is…

South Africa

It was the fourth country of our trip and we spent about a month there in July of 2013. Our SA experience started on the Western coast in the town of Richards Bay which is in the KwaZulu-Natal region. We spent a week on safari at the Zulu Nyala private game reserve. Then we spent a couple weeks driving from St Lucia to Cape Town.

We made many stops along the way and stayed at different guest houses. Because of this we got to see a lot of the country and meet a lot of South Africans. I can report that it is a nation overflowing with beautiful landscapes, amazing animals, and very friendly people. All this is the reason SA tops the list of places we went on our journey.

But what really pushed it over the top was Cape Town and the area surrounding it. Here in the very bottom of the African continent, you will find a very modern city filled with diverse neighborhoods and plenty of things to do and eat. We enjoyed good food, good coffee, and great (very affordable) wine.

cape town south africa

For us South Africa had the perfect balance of urban amenities and exciting wildlife. We would have no problem returning for another month. Or two.

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