7 Step System For Achieving Any Goal

Use these 7 steps to take 3 steps and call it a productivity dance.  😉

  1. Have no more than 3 major goals in your life.
  2. Break down those goals into the smallest steps possible.
  3. Commit to doing 3 steps toward your goals every single day.
  4. You are not allowed to sleep until all 3 are completed.
  5. Reward yourself after finishing the 3rd task.
  6. Punish yourself for failing to complete all 3 tasks before the day is done.
  7. Review progress weekly and adjust course as needed for the week ahead.

STEP ONE: 3 Big Picture Goals

It all starts with knowing where you want to go in life. Where you want to see yourself in 1, 5, or 10 years from now. No matter how close you are to achieving or how much time will be needed pick the 3 that are the most important to you and decide you are going to do them.

STEP TWO: Plot Your Course

Invest a good bit of time breaking down the goals you have chosen into the smallest steps and tasks possible. Get to a point where tasks can be completed in a day.

Creating new habits is a good approach to doing the things you want to do in life as well so you could use this system by deciding on what 3 things you are going to do every day over and over.

7 steps to achieve any goal

STEP THREE: 3 Steps A Day

I like to think of my big goals as mountain peaks in the distance. They are far away and there is a lot of obstacles between me and those mountains but I know if I take at least 1 step a day toward that peak, one day I will be on top of that mountain, my goal achieved.

Each day write down the 3 steps you are committed to taking on the following day and place them somewhere you’ll see when you first wake up. It is VERY important that you know what your three tasks for the day are before going to bed.

STEP FOUR: No Sleep Till Completion 

Make a pact with yourself that you will not go to sleep until all 3 tasks have been completed. If you fail to complete them at a reasonable hour force yourself to stay up until they are done.

Completing these tasks must develop weight in your mind so that you have the feeling of them hanging over you until they are done. It is best to do them as early as possible.

Use this song to anchor the mantra “No Sleep Till Completion” in your mind.

STEP FIVE: Reward Yourself

Think of rewards you can give yourself each day that you do what you set out to do. For me it is usually something like getting to watch a movie or spend a few hours playing a video game. Keep it simple but be sure it is something you only do as a reward for completing your 3 daily tasks.

STEP SIX: Punish Yourself

There must be a price for failure and I suggest cold hard cash donated to a cause you are against. $5 for every day you fail should be enough to keep you motivated. Keep track and at the end of the month write that check no matter how painful it is.

To one up this post how much you’ve given to your hated cause somewhere you’ll see it every day. Or better yet somewhere your friends will see it.

STEP SEVEN: Weekly Review

Sunday evenings are made for reflecting on your goals and making sure you are still moving in the right direction.

Remember a flying plane is always off course but through constant adjustments, the pilot makes sure the plane gets to its destination.

It is important that every day we set our eyes on the big bright goals we have for ourselves because the world is doing everything it can to keep us off those beautiful mountain tops.

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