African Openbill Storks In Flight

african openbill storks
A flock of African Openbill Storks flying over the Chobe River in Botswana.

One of the biggest things I appreciate about digital photography is not having to think too much about each shot. While traveling I can just fire away knowing my camera has room for thousands of photos.

I appreciate this because I very much remember the film days when at most you’d have 36 shots per roll of film.

Of course what that means is now we have hard drives full of images that never get published because a good amount of them are not good. I now enjoy sifting through those images to try and salvage some beauty from the wreckage, the black and white image above is one such example.

Here is the original unedited.


Not horrible but not gallery worthy either.

Thanks to some well spent time in Photoshop I was able to create an image that I really like and have received a lot of compliments on.

All this to say… Don’t throw away any photo and spend some time looking at them through new eyes. Who knows what you might discover.

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