Make Stuff • Go Places • Do Things

Make Stuff – No matter how small or silly try to make something every day. Even if it is a small part of a bigger something. That’s even better in fact. As Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.”

Train yourself to develop a creative mindset with the simple habit of creating daily. I guarantee this one small thing will put you on a path to happiness.

Go Places – Whenever possible get out of the house. Go somewhere, anywhere. The further the better. This will not only have you living a long life (more on that later) but it is also one great way to “know thyself” more thoroughly.

Plus it is just fun to visit and explore a new place with an open and curious mind.

Do Things – Take action. Push your boundaries, dance outside your comfort zone, collect experiences, not things. “Action is the foundational key to all success.” words from the master Pablo Picasso.

Say “yes, I’ll try that” more often and be intentional about seeking out new experiences.

Upon a bit of reflection in my 4+ decades of my own human experience, I created this mantra of “make stuff, go places, do things” for myself as a simple reminder of how I desire to spend my days.

Every one of them involves taking action and when we take action we create great stories out of our lives. The importance of taking action in your life can not be understated. Every action taken no matter the outcome is a lesson to be learned. A habit of action also helps us to continue when we fail or things don’t go as planned.

When I look back at the highlights of my life, the cherished memories, they all involve one or more of these 3 simple prompts.

This website is a simple and easy way for me to remain accountable to myself in my goal of living up to my mantra. On average I post daily in order to share my thoughts, my victories, and most importantly the lessons I’ve learned in the hopes they might help you, my dear reader.

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About Medaryle dickens

My name is Daryle Dickens and I am on a mission to live a location independent life. To complete that mission I am growing a media company called UPTRN as well as teaching people how to make their travel dreams come true over at LearningToTravel.com.