Worn Out In Warsaw

These past couple of weeks have been long for me. I've been sick for the first time on our trip and we've been doing a lot of moving around. Today I woke up in Warsaw Poland where we have one raining day to see what we can see. Our travel will continue to be busy... Continue Reading →

Europe Is Like Disney World

We arrived in Latvia a few days ago and then spent some time out in the rural area with some friends on their farm. And then yesterday we came into Riga which is the capitol to spend some time with other friends who live in the Old Town area of Riga. And walking around Riga... Continue Reading →

The Sun Sets On Africa

We are nearing the end of the Africa chapter in our travels. Soon we will head to Mombasa Kenya to begin our journey to Riga Latvia. The three months on the continent flew by as time seems to do. South Africa is the place I will miss the most, especially Cape Town and the surrounding... Continue Reading →

Aloe Vera In A Can

I don't think of aloe vera as a food but here in Kenya I found it at the supermarket along side the canned fruits and vegetables. Anyone out there ever eat aloe?

How We Ended Up In Watamu Kenya

During our year long trip we only had a few times and destinations set in stone and volunteering with A Rocha Kenya in Watamu Kenya was one of them. How we ended up here is an interesting story. Last summer we became very active in the CouchSurfing.org community. We started up a weekly gathering and... Continue Reading →

We came across this little food stand on the Cape Town Waterfront. I had the venison roll which turned out to be a kudu sausage on a bun. It was well seasoned and very tasty.

For the month of August Joyce and I will be in Watamu Kenya volunteering for A Rocha Kenya. A Rocha is an international conservation organization working for the responsible care of God's creation through sustainable community based programs. A goal here in Kenya is to help Kenyans gain a deeper understanding of their environment. They... Continue Reading →

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Africa

Three days ago our train from Bulawayo Zimbabwe pulled into the Victoria Falls station shortly after 11AM, about four hours late. But for the first time in my life a late train was a good thing. Because it meant more time slowly chugging through the African wilderness with new German friends we met in Bulawayo.... Continue Reading →

The Wild Cashews Of Belize

Have you ever seen a cashew growing in the wild? I had not until Belize where they are quite common but still a bit expensive. Though now I understand why. Each fruit of the tree only has one cashew and the cashew must be roasted or heated in some way in order for it to... Continue Reading →

A Vacation During Our Travels

On June 12th we landed in South Africa to begin the African chapter of our grand adventure. Our travels began June 10th in Cancun Mexico. From there we flew to Washington DC and had a twelve hour layover. Of all the border crossings we have done entering the United States was the worst experience so... Continue Reading →

This Is Africa

This past week has been a unique part of the trip and one that we have been looking forward to long before leaving Colorado. On June 12th we arrived in South Africa and then spent two nights in Richard's Bay getting adjusted to the drastic time difference. Then we drove to the Zulu Nyala Game... Continue Reading →

McDonalds In Mexico

We couldn't resist going for a little taste of America by way of a meal at McDonalds when we spent a day in Puerto Vallarta. In the past when we have traveled we would avoid eating at chain restaurants because we did not want to waste a meal abroad on such food. But with this... Continue Reading →

What Is Home?

On May 10th we closed on the sale of our house in Fort Collins Colorado. On that afternoon we became homeless. Even before departing on our trip I’'d been thinking about “what is home?” I feel home is a relative concept and we all must define what home is for us. For me this is... Continue Reading →

Orange Walk Mural

I really wish I knew the story of this mural in Orange Walk Town Belize. It was nicely painted on a wall next to a side street in town.   

Lamania River Tour Photo Gallery

While we were in Orange Walk Town Belize we took a tour of the Lamanai Maya Ruins via boat. Going by boat was fascinating as we got to see many cool things before even arriving at the ancient ruins. This gallery is just some of what we saw. Enjoy!

Lamanai River Tour Monkey

We visited the ruins of Lamanai by taking the very popular river tour. Our guide picked us up in a boat near our hotel in Orange Walk Town Belize. Then we spent the morning chugging up the river and stopping at a few sites along the way. This spider monkey was one of them. It... Continue Reading →

Orange Walk Town Belize

After spending almost a week in the very rustic Sarteneja we spent a few days in Orange Walk Town Belize at a nicer hotel so that we could catch up on things like laundry and internet chores. Orange Walk is a town most travelers quickly pass through, stopping only long enough to visit the Mayan... Continue Reading →

Sayulita Cerveza

Though this was no Easy Street I was pleasantly surprised to find some craft beer in Mexico. The word on the street is that craft beer struggles in Mexico because the large breweries have such a strong hold onto the distribution channels. Hopefully demand keeps growing and this can be overcome.

Hola From Tikal Guatemala

So far on our trip we have pretty much always been able to connect to the internet. But I know that is not always going to be the case so I had to develop a new system in order to keep photos and updates coming. The need to do this was made evident this morning... Continue Reading →

Taking An Elephant For A Walk

The circus showed up in town while we were in Sayulita Mexico. And apparently in Mexico when you need to take your elephant for a walk you just stroll him through the neighborhood that is in the area. One morning on our way to breakfast we turned a corner in our neighborhood and saw this... Continue Reading →

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